Our expertise unit, your partner for research collaboration

The Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society of the Department of Applied Psychology (Thomas More University of Applied Sciences) conducts applied, practice-oriented research about digital technology from a psychological perspective. We have a strong focus on the interaction between both domains and the synergy they create, in particular within mental healthcare and human-technology interaction. Most of our members are post-doctoral researchers.   

Selection of ongoing projects & networks

  • Carewear (started in 2015): wearable technology in mental health care: project leader for 570k TETRA project, funded by Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship & co-financed by Flemish partners
  • eMEN (started in 2016): development and dissemination of e-mental health in mental health care: project partner of a 5.3M Interreg NWE project, funded by ERDF & own co-financing
  • COST-action “European network on individualized psychotherapy treatment of young people with mental disorders” ”: member management committee
  • COST-action “European network for problematic usage of the internet”: member management committee

What makes us an outstanding potential research partner?

  • We are the largest university of applied sciences in Belgium.
  • We provide the largest bachelor education in applied psychology in Belgium & The Netherlands.
  • We are part of the KU Leuven Association network.
  • We have a strong focus on practice-oriented research about technology from a psychological and mental health perspective.
  • We collaborate extensively in European research and networking projects, e.g. Interreg, COST, EFPA TF on e-Health
  • We are actively involved in an extensive network of connected SMEs and non-profit organisations primarily in the field of mental healthcare.
  • We deliver on-demand research focused on optimization of eHealth-service.






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