ECP 2022 – presentation overview

The Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society is attending the 17th European Congress of Psychology in Ljubljana with several presentations. For each of the presentations, you can download the slides, including references below.

  • Do’s and don’ts for online consultations and the challenging road towards good clinical practice using technology
    Tom Van DaelePDF
  • Fear of spiders: comparing effects of augmented reality on smartphone and HoloLens
    Nele De Witte – PDF
  • Breathing to relax: A comparison of Virtual Reality-based and tablet-based breathing exercises
    Sylvie Bernaerts – PDF
  • 360° Video or Digital Twin VR? Equal Sense of Presence, Different Realism
    Tim VanhoomissenPDF
  • There’s no turning back now?! The potential of technology for mental healthcare
    Tom Van DaelePDF
  • How mental healthcare has been taking the lead in immersive technologies
    Tom Van DaelePDF
  • Digital Twins and the potential for mental healthcare
    Tom Van DaelePDF


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