The aim of this project, funded by VLAIO with the aim of Collective Research & Development and Collective Knowledge Dissemination/transfer (COOCK), is to bundle high-quality accessible tools and apps that are useful for use in welfare and mental health care. The Appstore will be accessible both to social workers and care providers, as well as to clients/citizens. By means of a solid search function, an Appstore visitor will find an overview of high-quality apps and an online tool – described in understandable language – by theme/problems and/or target group. Such an Appstore does not yet exist in Flanders. 


A first version will be launched before the end of 2020, the project will be completed in August 2021. However, the AppStore itself will then be continued, so there will always be an up-to-date and relevant overview of applications.


The project is an initiative of Netwerk Onlinehulp Vlaanderen (NOV), Steunpunt Geestelijke Gezondheidsteunpunt mens en samenleving and in4care. DeThe Expertis unit Psychology, Technology & Society is involved as a part of NOV.

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