How can I experience 360° VR video?

Which hardware can you use to view 360° VR video scenes and how should you do this? Here you can find more info on watching this content on PC or smartphone, via Google Cardboard and via Samsung Gear VR. For an optimal experience, be sure to (also) wear headphones.

On PC or smartphone

The easiest way is  to surf to the expertise unit’s YouTube channel and select a video there. Looking around on a PC is possible by dragging around your mouse. On a smartphone, you can swipe your screen to look around, or simply move your smartphone around you.

Google Cardboard

Experiencing VR more immersively at a cheap price is possible using Google Cardboard. You can order this device from several websites. If you are the handy type, you can even make it yourself. Aside from Google’s cardboard headset, other VR headsets are of course also readily available, at variable costs. Using a smartphone and Google Cardboard easily allows you acces to virtual reality. How exactly is explained in the following 7 steps.

  1. Download the Google Cardboard app and configure the application.
  2. Install and open the YouTube app.
  3. Go to the expertise unit’s YouTube channel.
    • You can find it by searching for “e-mental health height”. The channel can be recognized by an orange VR-logo.
    • To obtain easier access to the channel, do not hesitate to subscribe.
  4. Choose one of the videos and commence playback.
  5. Choose the Cardboard icon on the bottom of your screen. Your screen is subsequently automatically divided in two.
  6. Please your phone in the Cardboard.
  7. Be sure to look around to experience the video in 360°.


Samsung Gear VR

Do you own or have access to a Samsung smartphone, you might consider using a Gear VR (only a limited number of devices are currently supported) To view 360 VR videos in YouTube, you can follow the steps described below.

  1. Wear your Gear VR.
  2. On your homepage, select ‘Samsung Internet’.
    • If this app is not installed, open the Samsung store to install this application.
  3. Select the YouTube icon in the Samsung Internet app.
  4. In the search function of YouTube, look for “e-mental health height” to find the video channel of the expertise unit.
  5. When selecting a video, it will not open directly in the 360° modus. To activate this, please take the following steps.
    • Select the big square in the bottom right corner to trigger fullscreen modus.
    • Double tap in full screen.
    • In the bottom left corner, you will find different viewing options.
    • Select the option 360° or the Gear icon.
  6. Be sure to look around, to experience the video in 360.

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