Internship at the expertise unit Psychology, Technology & Society

Our expertise unit temoporarily has a new member, Hans Vermeulen, a second year bachelor applied psychology, from our own department. For eight weeks he joins us during his first, exploratory internship. As four weeks have already passed, the time seemed right for a quick reflection, which you can find below.

When I made my initial choice for an internship in the context of the eMEN project, I primarily opted for the technological side of the story. I had already noticed personally that people and technology are becoming increasingly intertwinted. In my opinion, the role of technology will only become more prominent in our everyday lives. Focusing on this topic and learning more about this, seemed like an important thing for me to do. My expectations were well met.

During my internship so far, I had the opportunity to collaborate on different projects, from mapping experiences in virtual reality, to making my own virtual reality movies. I had the opportunity to attend international meetings and experienced how research collaboration at a European level works. I have also been to place here in Belgium where, otherwise, I would never get.

To some extent, I also gained a better understanding of Thomas More Antwerp. I learned about the role of this organization at the Flemish, national and international level, during several external meetings of the expertise unit.The past few weeks came with a busy schedule and I have the feeling I gained a lot of new info: from new words, to new people, to new technologies.

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