Two new interns at Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society

The Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society has two new members for the coming months. Alina Ionescu (KU Leuven) and Frauke De Craene (UGent) are both commencing their internship with us and briefly introduces themselves here.

I’m Alina Ionescu, a master in clinical psychology and certified psychodrama psychotherapist since 2007, in training as a researcher in the last year of Master in Psychology – Theory and Research at KU Leuven. I have a growing interest in using technology for mental health, being motivated to contribute at the development of new ways to prevent trauma caused by chronic exposure to stress.




My name is Frauke De Craene and the upcoming 6 months (September till February) I will do an internship at the expertise unit Psychology, Technology and Society. I’m currently in the final year of my Master in Psychology (Theoretical and Experimental Psychology) at the Ghent University. During my studies, my interests in how the human brain works and how a small change can have a big impact on someone’s functioning have grown. This, combined with the way in which research can contribute to the well-being of the population, has led to my choice for a more research-oriented thesis. I chose to do my internship at Thomas More because I am mainly interested in applied research. My field of interest is broad but in the next months I hope to focus on how technology can play a role and make improvements within (mental) healthcare.

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