Closer collaboration LicaLab & PsyTS

The Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society and LiCalab are happy to announce that they will expand their collaboration. To be more precise, Nele De Witte will support to Licalab team part-time. Nele graduated in clinical psychology at the KU Leuven and subsequently attained a post-graduate degree in clinical neuropsychology. Since the successful completion of her PhD at Ghent University in 2016, she has been working in the Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society. Nele is the principal investigator of the Carewear project and is specialized in psychophysiology and applied research into wearable technology in mental health care. Recently, she has also become a member of the management committee of the European TREATME COST action network that is committed to the improvement of personalized care for young people with mental disorders.

With her background in scientific research and interest in how technological applications can improve care, Nele is the right person to strengthen the LiCalab team. For LiCalab she will concentrate on designing research protocols (e.g., for research on smart sensors) and the further expansion of the mental health focus.

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