Health Psychology & Psychopathology

Aims and focus

Our expertise unit on Health Psychology & Psychopathology focusses on prevention of mental health problems. The unit specializes in development and evaluation of psychoeducation in general and more specifically in the area of mental health challenges in higher education.

In collaboration with KULeuven and our expertise unit Psychology, Technology and Society, a long-term research project is conducted on user attitudes and behaviour concerning electronic cigarettes, as well as support for health care professionals in this area.

We also focus on life after treatment of mental health problems. We educate people who recovered from mental illnesses to support and guide patients who suffer similar illnesses.


Link to our education

Research results and experiences are integrated into courses on health psychology, psychology and technology, health promotion and practice seminars.

Link to practice

Our research and service projects are always conducted in close harmony with health care professionals and organisations focussing on mental health care. We seek input from people experienced in this field and check our solutions with them.


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