Education and Pedagogy

Focus and objectives

The expertise unit Education and Pedagogy aims to broaden the knowledge of all professionals focusing on the education of children and adolescents within the school and other contexts. These professionals may work in centers concerning childcare and family support, mental health, student guidance, child abuse, specialized youth assistance or general well-being and in schools and daycare centers. Herein we regard education as a transitional process between the child or adolescent, the educator (parent, grandparent, teacher, caretaker…) and the environment (school, daycare, youth center…).

Within pedagogy, we offer expertise on themes such as communicating with parents, parenting support (for vulnerable families), pedagogical support in child daycare centers, diagnostics regarding parenting and families, homework support, parenting of youth, family violence, stepfamilies, …

Within education, we offer expertise on themes such as action focused diagnostics, supporting students with their educational career, inclusion, “M-decreet”, teacher support, handling disruptive behavior in class, bullying, parental school participation, student participation in higher education, …


Interaction with education

Research results and experience from consultancy flow to our education via bachelor’s programmes, internships and courses such as parenting support, school psychology and pedagogical psychology and developmental psychology.

Collaboration practice

In collaborative projects with professionals, we strive for synergy between scientific expertise and practical experience with the aim of tackling contemporary challenges in education and upbringing. This resulted, among other things, in a thorough application and validation of the Topspel pest prevention programme in collaboration with De Key.