Psychology, Technology & Society

Focus and goals

The expertise unit conducts applied, practice-oriented research in the field of psychology and technology. There is a strong focus on the interaction between both domains and the synergy they create, in particular within mental healthcare and human-technology interaction.

Staff members


eMEN – Technology and mental health: a good ROI? | 30.04.2018

Version française – Nederlandstalige versie Keen to gain insight into the way in which various stakeholders utilise online tools and justify them economically? Curious about…

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eMEN – Let’s make it work! Implementation of e-mental health care | 28.03.2019

Participation is free, register now! Many e-mental health applications have been developed over the past 15 years, but their implementation has not always been successful.…

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GGZ-congres 2018 – presentaties

De Expertisecel Psychologie, Technologie & Samenleving organiseerde vandaag samen met eSocialWork een symposium op het GGZ-congres. Je kan onze slides hier terugvinden en downloaden. Het…

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Hoe zet je een online tool in als aanvulling voor behandeling van depressie? Organisaties gezocht voor innovatieve, laagdrempelige studie

version française Thomas More (Mobilab en de Expertisecel Psychologie, Technologie & Samenleving) en Pulso Europe starten in het kader van het eMEN project met een grootschalige…

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Selected projects

eMEN project

Each year almost 165 million, or 38%, of people in the EU experience a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Mental ill health…

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The goal of the Carewear project is to improve current practice of organisations which are active in the field of wellbeing at work and mental…

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Link to practice & education

The expertise unit focuses on research and services that have the potential to contribute to community development in a changing, global society. This contribution can be situated on a micro level, like how to adapt technology to individual users, as on a macro level, like addressing the challenge to allow a growing number of people to live together in the context of global and ecological challenges. This expertise unit provides scientific, methodological and statistical support: for internal research, in the context of national and international projects and as a service to external organizations like SMEs and multinationals.

We provide direct input to the Applied Psychology & Technology course and shapes different courses within the Department of Applied Psychology. It furthermore offers the opportunity for internships and support student research in the form of bachelor dissertationss.


Project overview

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