Center for Psychological Assessment

Focus and objectives

Our expertise unit carries out applied scientific research and services within the field of psychodiagnostics. Test development and adaptation, test use, psychometric fine-tuning and culture-fair testing, with an eye for a Flemish population, are central to this. In addition, we provide the professional field with scientific advice on quality psychodiagnostics. Every year the PDC offers a range of training courses to keep professional care providers informed of recent psychodiagnostic developments.


Interaction with education

The Applied Psychology programme of Thomas More, Campus Antwerp, trains students to become psychological consultants who are experts in psychodiagnostics and psychological counselling. The professional nature of the training is reflected in the detailed practical part of the training programme. In this section, the Psychodiagnostic Centre (PDC) plays a crucial role.

Collaboration with practice

The Psychodiagnostic Centre (PDC) has a strong tradition of supporting applied scientific research and providing expertise to society. The programme and its students focus on concrete needs and questions from the field of work. This can be achieved through research projects, internships, bachelor’s programmes, etc.



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