Nele De Witte


Nele is interested in how advances in technological applications and insight into psychophysiological processes can improve prevention and treatment of mental illness in adults and youth. She attained her PhD at Ghent University and currently conducts practice-oriented research in the area of e-mental health. Some projects she is working on consist of the Carewear research line, AR for exposure therapy, and e-mental health implementation. She is also a permanent consultant for the living & care lab LiCalab.





Articles in internationally reviewed academic journals

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Articles in other academic journals

De Witte, N. A. J., Bonroy, B., Debard, G., Sels, R., Mertens, M., & Van Daele, T. (2018). Carewear:  wearables in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg [Carewear: wearables in mental healthcare].  ePsychologos, 33(4).

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